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Hey, I’m Matt! I’ve been writing code for the Web for nearly two decades, although I didn’t take it very seriously until about 2010. While working in a marketing role in the automotive aftermarket, I rediscovered web development and dove head Software craftsman Matt Chandlerfirst into a big eCommerce project for my employer. Since then, I’ve been determined to hone my craft. After completing that big ambitious project at Ksport, I realized that I’d be much happier building websites full time so I transitied to a role as a web developer. I’ve worked for small IT consultancies, nationally recognized advertising agencies, a couple startups, and of course I’ve spent some time in the trenches of corporate IT. I’ve gone from hacking together tightly-coupled code to writing focused modules using test driven development/design.

I recently discovered a blog called Coding With Empathy and the message really struck me. Pavneet is doing something that I think we really need, and has the potential to change the lives of developers in a drastic way. Seeing what he’s up to is quite inspiring.

Throughout my career I’ve been very cognizant of the fact that if it weren’t for folks like David Walsh, Chris Coyier, Eric Meyer, Addy Osmani, Eric Keith, and many others… My life would be significantly less great than it is today.

So, since so many before me have shared so much with me, I’m deciding to do the same in the hopes of helping folks level-up. I’ll be writing about software development with an emphasis on producing stable, maintainable, high quality software because when your code’s stable and the boss is happy, life’s great. I also plan on touching on ways to improve professionally that may not be technical. Follow me on Twitter at @innanetmatt.


Published 4 Apr 2017

Programming Is Easy; Humans make it hard.
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